November 2002

White oak

The first batch of white oak. Sawn and thicknessed to between 5/8" and 1". The stack on the right is already ear-marked for my Craftsman bookshelf. Rest will probably end up in a similar Stickley-esque direction.


Oak, white and brown. The white stuff in the foreground has about 8" clear, then a burry surface through the sapwood. I've got this stuff in 1/2" and 1" boards. Don't know what the brown is - it's too consistent to be heart-rot, but I don't know if it's an odd species. Lovely contrast with the sapwood. Must check in Hoadley.

This was the first carload from today - I collected about as much again in a second load.

Thick wide white oak

Flat sawn, but these have radial surfaces from across the centre. Some cup, or they'll rip in two and would be flat already. Nice ray figure. Bit buggy under the bark - enough for a decent stir-fry !

Brown and white oak

Not shown in these pictures are the others:

A seat base for my Nakashima chair project
Five boards, about 2' square. Big hole down the middle of four - maybe need ripping in half.
A bunch of clean 4" x 1/2" x 7', some thin wide boards, and the frame for Nakashima
A great big quarter log, about 5' long. Carving practice.
Sweet Chestnut
A rough plank. Probably garden furniture for my parents.
Total cost was 360, for about 80 boards. Maybe 2/3 board foot on average. Small boards of varying quality, but not a bad deal !