The Timber Pile(s)

Why I can't move in my shed

Timber shopping for November 2002


Lately I've been using workshop space down at Timber Routes, and also buying their wood. They're the only wood suppliers in Bristol who are specialising in local hardwoods and are also clued up about the specialist needs of fine furnituremakers.

Walnut stock, being fumigated

This is about 30 sq. ft. of ½" English walnut. As it was a bit wormy, I put it into my oak-fuming box and fumigated it with some commercial bug-killer.

Bookmatched walnut panels for a chair back

Some will become small boxes and cabinets, but there are also a few sets of book-matched panels that look perfect for a set of dining chair backs.

A trip to Interesting Timbers to get the heavy 3"x4" oak end timbers for my new workbench also brought some cherry and lacewood plane

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