Organ Pipes

January 2003

A pair of wooden organ pipes
I found these on sale locally. Some experimental puffing and blowing showed that they still worked. My immediate thought was to make a doorbell !

Originally they were installed in the North Street Chapel, Bedminster

Mouth closeup of the pipes
According to their markings, they're an E (the little one) and an C# Bourdon. I've no musical notion as to whether this is a minor chord, but they sound mournfully Gothic when blown in sequence.

Organ pipes, with attached plastic bag bellows
The doorbell plan is to make a motor-driven bellows to power each one. The plastic bags here were an early experiment. Although inconvenient for a doorbell, they work and sound fine when played like bagpipes.

If this doorbell works out, I have access to the rest of the organ. I might make other doorbells as commissions.