Chopping up the Scrap

March 2003

Turbine Disk

jet engine turbine disc
Here's a turbine disk from a Rolls-Royce Spey jet engine - probably from an RAF Phantom. Cute thing, but a bit of a hazard around the shed. So it had to go.

I'd stripped the turbine blades off and was happily eBaying them to collectors. Now I had to dispose of the disk. Two foot diameter of heavy, extremely tenacious top-quality steel. Too thick for the plasma cutter, too tough to angle grind, so it was time for the old gas-axe.

Plan was to slice the mounting ring up into sections, and use it to display the turbine blades. I might even eBay a few chunks.

Time to mask up. The Fedayeen destroyers of Imperialist Yankee aircraft salute you (although this plane was well beyond help anyway). As I usually set fire to my hair when cutting, this time I went for an ex-Navy flash hood. If you like sticking your head in a sailor's aertex jockstrap, it's ideal.

Chopped. Eventually.