Scrapyard Challenge

His Dark (and dusty) Materials

What's a-matter? You thick or something? This is my hoard, see. It's like a part of me. There's stuff here stacked away, handed down from my grandad. It's the biggest hoard in the village - bigger 'n all the others put together. Which is how come I'm head man around here, get it? The rest've all got some kinda hoard - bits and pieces picked outa the blimps. Every man needs a collection to put to his name. So now d'you see? A hoard ain't the kind of thing you can pack up and take away some place. And it ain't the kind of thing you leave behind without a second thought, neither. Not at all, it ain't.

Listen. For folks living here, their hoards is all that matters. Understand? They catalogue 'em, arrange 'em, and keep 'em locked away the ame as I do. We all do. I mean, a man's not a man without his hoard.

The Garbage World Charles Platt

Latest Shopping Trip

Bits of scrap aircraft
More Aircraft bits

Bits of scrap aircraft
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Organ Pipes

Wooden organ pipes. One day, a doorbell


Thrust reverser, close-up
Aircraft bits

Waveguide Clock

A lovely bit of brass radar waveguide I picked up from my favourite scrappie. The overall look I'm after is generic Steampunk The base is granite and the clock cabinet at the top will be dark oak in a Pugin-esque Victorian Gothic style.

Waveguide clock

I've had the waveguide for this for seven years now ! The granite I've had since I was a kid. I might even finish it one day.

Now finished!