Inside James' Castle


The Keep

View inside the Keep

View inside the Keep

One wall of the Keep hinges open to show the inside.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall

The Great Hall

The centre of the castle is the Great Hall, with a fine roaring fireplace and a sturdy door that may be bolted against intruders. A rich tapestry decorates one wall.

Below the Great Hall is the Dungeon (and the resident ghost).

Sir George tells his stories of bravery to another captivated audience

Sir George's Dragon

Brave Sir George has the skin of his latest Dragon slaying hung on the wall.

The "Dragon Hide" is made from lychee skin ! When dried and flattened, it gives a very realistic (sic) spikey purple hide effect.

Small details, such as the wall torches, are made from Fimo polymer clay and pipe-cleaner flames.

The Solar

Inside the Solar

Inside the Solar

Above the Great Hall is the Solar, a less formal room where the noble family might live.

It has a rug on the floor, more windows to make it light and airy, and some detailing to the wood panelled ceiling.

The Wicked Queen's Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

The mirror is out-of-character for most castles, but would seem essential for "Sleeping Beauty" Wicked Queens.

It's made from a sliver of CD-ROM.

The Garderobe

Early plumbing

Early plumbing

Naturally there's a garderobe (roof removable for photos). A quiet spot, to read the daily scrolls.

For hygiene, it's out at one corner of the castle, away from the keep.

The Dungeons

Inside the dungeons are bare stone walls and a single small window, high up and out of reach. Chains in the walls can hold Playmobil figures captive.

In the future, I may make some torture devices !